I am choosing to get healthy, Today. I know it is a series of steps. I have been thinking about it for a while now. I am consumed with helping Shannon get healthy and stay healthy. I am consumed with my kids eating healthy, but being consumed mentally and actually doing something about it are very different things. So goes life with anxiety and dysthymia. Food and nutrition and health are one of the hundred if not thousands of things that I am consumed with, at least mentally. I have spent the last few months working on my mental health and well being. I resigned from New York Life and turned my focus to writing, which led me to blog, and now have started a marketing firm, Waggle where I help business owners expand their business to reach new clients/customers with trust-building stories to be used on their website, and social media. The decision did not come easy, but when the decision was made I was able to move forward, with less anxiety. My life/business coach, Bunny Young,  gave me an exercise that I don’t use enough but when I do, really does help me. She called it “Monkey Brain”. When I am feeling anxious, to the point of distraction or analysis paralysis, when my heart rate is up, I am instructed to stop, on a whiteboard ( I installed a large mirror we have been moving from room to room with no place) and write down everything that is on my mind. Everything I am thinking about, worrying about, goes on the board. Next, I am to mark through any item that I cannot control. The next item, with the remaining items, of which I have control over, mark through the items that I cannot deal with in the next 3o minutes. Last assignment, erase the list. There should be nothing left on the board, and everything was just removed from my brain, my general feeling after the exercise is a sense of relief. I encourage you to try it out sometime when life has you to the point of stress and worry.

My first step in getting healtwaterhy is to drink water throughout the day.  I do not drink enough water, and I can feel it in my mind and body. I had gotten into a bad habit of switching from diet drinks to full strength because diet soda is bad for you… guess what it is all bad for you. So my first step today is to drink more water. In the coming days, I will add another step, define my goals, and keep writing. If anyone out there has been down this road, or wants to join with me, let me know. We can work together to find encouragement!