Status Quo

If you have been following along you should know that when I disappear from long stretches it means that there is not much to report. This is a good thing. Many of you also follow Shannon on Facebook so you can see her from time to time on video or promoting one of her “Ladies Night” Craft events. For the most part, Shannon is doing well. The effects of the Lymphedema have become normalized. Shannon has gone over a year without any major issues related to her cellulitis, in large part to the fact she is taking daily antibiotic to fend off any infections that may creep up. This has been a relief.

Our church, Cool Spring Baptist, has a robust Recreation Ministry, which includes a basketball gym, aerobic room, weight room, and cardio. They even have a member that is a trainer working with individuals to improve their health. I have been working with her for a few months now, twice per week, and the results are starting to show. Shannon has been going to a weekly Pilates class, and has started to train one day a week as well. We are hopeful the increased focus on activity will result in less swelling, and a greater sense of well being for her. For those looking for prayer opportunity, this would be a big one. Prayers that the increased activity will help reduce her swelling.

Shannon has been focused over the past year on her business, Armore. You can check out her website at Armore.meĀ  She really enjoys the creative process in making jewelry and projects for her Ladies night out. She has held a 4 events over the past few months, all of which were well attended and the feedback has been wonderful. Her mission is to be a light for others, and teach them how to do the same. If you in Richmond and have a chance to attend, I highly recommend it. If you are out of town, Shannon is working on creating a way for someone to purchase a gift box complete with a custom gift and inspirational message. More details to come.

Thank you so much for the continued support, and prayers.

Love, Kevin