4 Years

My last post on Caring Bridge to our small and diligent “Prayer Team” consisting of close friends and family was four years ago almost to the day. Little did I know then how impactful those updates were to become. In those four years in between, Shannon was diagnosed with cancer again (breast cancer) and has had considerable health issues as well.  Along the way, I too, had my own health issues to deal with, that of depression and anxiety. I have spent many posts on catching up our new friends and supporters on Shannon’s journey through my eyes. The purpose of all of this was to provide healing for me, as the caregiver/ encourager. Writing has become a place of introspective therapy for me. Words come easier for me, part of my blessing and curse in being in my head a considerable amount of the time. This can work as an advantage in some situations and is paralyzing in other situations. Part of my challenge with my healing is understanding the difference between those situations and using my brain the best way I can. I feel alone in this journey, perhaps much like Shannon did with her first cancer diagnosis, but I am confident there are others out there experiencing the same as me. Shannon and my goal with this blog and subsequent online community are to bring together the warriors and encouragers into a safe place.

As I write this post it is March 7, 2018. I just dropped off Shannon at her Electro Lymphatic Therapy at Core Health and Thermography www.corehealththermography.com in Troy, Va., which is about 60 miles west of Richmond and 15 miles east of Charlottesville, Va. Shannon has been coming for therapy two times a week for the past month or so and has been experiencing wonderful results. We found out about this therapy from Bunny Young of A Better Place Consulting, www.abetterplaceconsulting.com. Shannon’s therapist Cindy Stillwell-Chronister is on a mission to help people to get healthy, through diet change, education, and healing. As far as we are concerned she is a guardian angel for Shannon. Cindy is the only therapist using Electro Lymphatic Therapy in the state of Virginia. Shannon feels so blessed to have her so close. For the better part of a month, I have driven Shannon to her appointments and waited for her in Cindy’s office while they spent the next one and a half to two hours in treatment. Bunny has recommended for me to take time for myself and to write, and she encouraged me to drop Shannon off and go grab a coffee at one of the local spots around the corner and write during this time. How empowering this is for me, and I am gladly doing it.

In future posts, I am going to detail what Cindy has educated us both on health and wellness, and this applies to not only cancer patients but for everyone. We are at the beginning a lifestyle change that will change the trajectory of our health and definitely help our kids – fourteen and twelve to have a better, healthier life.

In future posts, I am also going to chronicle my return to health. As of today, I am 30 pounds overweight, on 2 blood pressure medications, and now an anti-depressant/anxiety medication. Accountability is the key and I am sharing this with you so that you can perhaps hold me accountable through encouraging comments and prayers.

In future posts, I would also like to share other warriors and encouragers stories. I have a few in mind but would love to hear from you. Are you a Warrior or Encourager that is in need of community, healing, growth? Please share with me privately, my email is in the about us section. I would love to share the joy of writing with you and give you a voice on this page.

Shannon and I are working diligently with Bunny Young to create this community which empowers everyone to be a ripple, to help someone, who in turn will help someone, and so on and so on. I look forward to continuing to write and to share, laugh, and cry along the way. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for letting us be a ripple for you.

Love – Kevin

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