Return to Normal

P1020273The foreshadowing in reading this is very interesting. Little did we know at this time in August of 2013 the “normal” we so desperately sought was to become a “new normal”. I have to smile a little, because over 4 years later, Shannon still has to do multiple things, and wants to go, go, go, but the years with lymphedema have slowed her down a bit. I am happy to report on this day 2/20/2018 – Shannon is getting back to an “older normal”. She has responded well to electro lymphatic therapy to get her lymph system moving, and her change in diet to a more clean, organic, non-GMO diet is working well for her, and me too I have to say. We just need to get the kids on board, and they are coming ever so slowly. I have gone grocery shopping with them both and we are reading labels and making better choices. We even found an organic Mac and Cheese that Shannon approves of from Back to Nature brand. I will spend some time blogging on her diet changes etc. later.

Return to Normal

Journal entry by Kevin Beasley — 8/8/2013

Shannon continues to recover from her treatments. We both thought that the end of treatment would be a return to “normal”. Shannon is not having to deal with “D” and her bowels, I believe have returned to normal. Shannon is dealing with swelling in her legs, a result of the radiation continuing to work in her body. She is having occasional hot flashes. We won’t know until October when she returns to the doctor if this is from menopause or radiation. We are prepared that she will be in menopause. Dr. Boardman covered this as a side effect of radiation. I will keep everyone up to date on this as we find out more information.

Shannon takes naps most afternoons. Not by her choice, but because her body demands it. She is better in the mornings but gets tired in the afternoon. She is not fighting it, which is good. I have no problem on a Saturday or Sunday taking naps. Shannon does. She does at least 3 things at once: watching TV, cross stitching, or playing a game on her Nook, reading on her nook, or putting a puzzle together. For her resting is only doing one of those things. Sleep was never a consideration. I know she is tired when she is taking a nap in the afternoon. This is the best thing for her to get back to normal and I am glad she accepts this. She may not be able to see it, but I can see improvement. She is frustrated and wants to be able to go-go-go. I feel she will be able to, but it is going to take some time.

Shannon’s Mom and Dad have been a great help the past few weeks keeping the kids entertained and safe while Shannon is getting her strength back.

Another Blessing is we have neighbors (The Jett’s) that have moved in across the street that have young kids; twin boys entering Kindergarten (Gavin and Gus) and a son going into 3rd grade (Dillon). For those that don’t know, we live in an older established neighborhood with no kids, that is until now! Jack is in heaven. Sydney is also enjoying having playmates other than Jack to keep her entertained. It has been fun to watch them interact, they all get along so well. They trade off coming to our house, then to their house. We are so grateful. Jack asks every morning if they can play. We are making sure he does not wear out his welcome; so far so good.

We are looking forward to the beach coming up on 8/17. One of our favorite spots is Molly’s in Atlantic Beach, NC, a little-fried food fantasy land with a cold beer on the fishing pier in Atlantic City which has reopened. Molly’s has been closed the past 2 years due to a hurricane that took out the pier. Molly’s is a great place to go to get a bite to eat, cold beer, watch the folks fishing off the pier, the surfers getting the last waves, and the sun setting in the distance. I know after all we have been through. We are looking forward to going to the beach, being with family, and just relaxing. We pray for good weather and safe travels for all.

Prayer request would be for Shannon’s continued healing, that she may be comforted during this time of healing and the hope that all of the cancer has been removed from her body.

Thank you again for the love and support for Shannon during this time. I will continue to update to keep everyone informed on Shannon’s healing.



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